About Peter

Welcome to my incapable skilled life! The name is Peter and I’m tired of not being able to fix things my life. I feel that if I learn how to be more handy and self efficient that somehow it’ll affect the other parts of my life. I’ve always been that guy on the side of the road who had to call AAA to come fix my flat for me, or the guy who had to call the handy man just to come fix a squeaky door. Well frankly, I am sick and tired of being that guy. I think my incompetence to do such tasks highly reflect on my personal life, from finances to relationships and everything in between.


Here is my venture into independence. Who knows what will happen and what could change in my life. I do know that I will be blogging every step of it though. For your enjoyment, entertainment, and possibly even lessons! So join in on my humility as I try to become a more competent man. No shame, no secrets, no looking back.