DIY Moving Tips For New Home Owners

Moving to a new city leaves a lot of unknowns. Other than finding an affordable living situation, being able to afford necessities is also important. Taking time before the move to browse local shops, grocery stores and services is ideal. Also, take the time to look through city services websites for activities that are free.

Browse the Available Grocery Store Options

Grocery prices seem to rise frequently. The price of groceries not only varies by grocery store, but also by location. A few weeks prior to the move, visit each grocery store in the new city and pick up the store advertisements. This allows you to compare sale pricing to see which grocery store fits your budget the most. It will also give you insight into which grocery store has the best coupon policy in combination with sale prices.

Use Online Coupon Deals

Local online coupon services, like Groupon for example, offer deals for dining out, activities, entertainment and general services at deeply discounted prices. This type of service can also help you find automotive service discounts, carpet cleaning discounts and family-activity discounts. Saving money while still getting used to a new city is ideal as the move itself can be a minor financial setback.

Stay Within City Limits

Familiarize yourself with the city by taking a drive through different parts of it each week. This will help you see what the city has to offer and where things are located. You may find that most, if not all, of what you need on a regular basis is within city limits. Staying close to home takes less time, puts less miles on your vehicle and is more convenient than traveling to the next city.

Meet the Neighbors

Take a few minutes to introduce yourself to some of the people in the neighborhood. You may find that you have common interests. Your new acquaintances can help you find the best businesses and services for your budget. Word of mouth recommendations go a long way.


When you move to a new city, shop around for everything. You may find cheaper car insurance rates with the same coverage from a different company or a better cable/Internet package. You can still have fun and partake in activities while maintaining a budget. Following a move to a new location, creating a savings is ideal as financial emergencies can arise at any time. Take advantage of the freebies that your new location offers too.