My Weakness Is DIY, How I’m Trying To Grow In My Handiness

I have a weakness in do-it-yourself activities and therefore, I would like to develop the skill. I have realized that if I did the do-it-yourself tasks, I would keep myself busy at home and save money. For years, I have spent a lot of money by paying for services, which I could otherwise have handled. After learning that I needed to be handy in order to save money and probably keep myself busy, now I am looking forward to learning the skill. I know I will need to watch online videos on do-it-yourself, talk to people who are specialized in DIYs at stores such as Home Depot, and purchase the tools that are needed. Here is my plan in becoming handy.

Finding the tools for handiness
Now that I want to be more handy, I will need to get the right tools and equipment for the job. I want to be able to work on things carpenters, electricians, and plumbers do. Therefore, I have to equip myself with all the necessary tools including a solid hammer, cordless drill,  screw driver, nail gun, jigsaw, step ladder, flashlight, and sander. And, because these tools will cost money, I will purchase them bit by bit until I have sufficient equipment to start my handyman work.

Learning the skill
While it won’t be an easy thing for me to learn how to handle different handymen tasks, I have to start somewhere. I have acquired different training resources including videos, print manuals, and talking to experts. One of my family friends is also a handyman and I will be inviting him to my home so that he helps teach me some of the skills. I will often be visiting the people working in home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, to find what they have to say to me.

One project at a time
In order to acquire the skills, I need to identify various projects to handle. I know that it may take time to complete them, so I will be starting the repair work early enough and avoid making social plans for those days I am handling the project. Some projects may be too technical, ergo; I have to know my limits. For example, in tasks involving electrical work. I would be better to seek help of a qualified electricians or friends who have the knowledge to help me.

Developing my handiness skill will make me more independent in doing repair work at home. It will save me money that I have been paying a  professional repair person to handle different home improvement and repair tasks.