The Moment I Knew It Was Time To Get More Hands On

When I discovered that I needed to be more hands on, I created a plan on how I would go about it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I had to take the challenge. Often, I have found myself incurring hefty costs to pay for tasks, which I could handle on my own such as repairing broken faucets, clogged drains, and fixing corroded pipes. This is what I did when I knew it was time to develop my handiness.

Raising money to purchase handyman tools
My handyman work would not be accomplished without having the right tools. However, since I did not have sufficient savings to buy these tools, I had to save money. I made the decision that part of my salary would go towards funding the purchase of the tools I needed.

Little by little, I started saving and in six months; I had raised enough money to purchase the tools. My visit to a handyman tools store provided me with many options of tools, and because I didn’t know which ones are vital for the job, the salesperson in the stores helped me find and purchase the tools I needed. I also consulted with my friend who is a professional handyman to help me craft a list of the tools that could help me start the handymen work.

Identified what skills to learn
While there are many things I could have learned, it was impossible for me to learn them at the same time. Therefore, I identified the skills I had to learn, which included plumbing work, electrical repair and installation, as well as carpentry. I have had a lot of interest in these areas and I started with plumbing and carpentry.

Consulted a handyman friend
Some skills were too technical for me to learn on my own. Some presented hazards, which I needed to avoid and remain safe when handling the tasks. For example, my home had a defective electrical system and needed to inspect the cabling, sockets, breakers, and lights to determine the problem.  Although I had the tools with me, I needed someone with electrical knowledge to help me.

Today, I have acquired a number of skills. I can fix a broken door, leaking pipe, damaged electrical wiring system, and even repairing my drains and sewer lines. My home repair and improvement budget has significantly gone down and I have been saving more money for my financial future because I don’t have to pay a handyman for some of these tasks.