Why Some Don’t Believe in Internet Video Marketing

There are still company owners, individuals, and major brands that do not believe in Internet marketing. Some mom and pop shops think that their name and local reputation are enough to suffice in today’s world. They couldn’t be more wrong. Even small, local businesses need to have video marketing strategies.

Wasted Money

Some smaller businesses and privately owned companies think that spending money hiring a video production company is wasted money. Most think that they can make their own videos and have the same results. In some cases, that is true – but most of the time, smaller companies never get around to making video marketing content to begin with.

These companies are wrong because it is money well spent. Staying up-to-date with society’s demands is rather important.

Behind the Times

Companies owned by older generations may not be up-to-date when it comes to technology. Some could still be using actual “books” to maintain their finances. What this tells your consumer base is that the tried and true methods are the only things your company knows and is unwilling to learn new things.

Doing things the old way is not more efficient. It consumes more of your valuable time and is not providing consumers with updated, modern information about your company.

Consumer Attitude

Some companies find that consumers are annoyed by commercials, which are essentially video marketing advertisements. Therefore, some do not spend the money or time to create video content. They figure, why should they if consumers aren’t going to watch it anyway. These are also companies that are not using big data to see what their consumers prefer and want.

Everybody’s Doing It

Yes, everybody is doing it and there’s a reason why. Society has changed. Society doesn’t want to read anymore, they’re too busy. Society wants to look and listen. It also creates a better impression and helps society comprehend better when the content delivered is in video format. If your brand is not taking advantage of video marketing because they think they’d be seen as followers and not leaders, it needs to rethink its marketing strategy altogether.

Little Financial Gain

Some companies see Internet marketing and video marketing as a bigger expense than the gains returned. Well, it takes time. One video not performing well should not stop your brand from producing video content. The solution is pretty simple – see what your competition is doing and hire the right people to make your content better than theirs. Also, poll your audience. You’ll see that they want video rather than written content.

Closing Thoughts

Any company that does not have a video marketing strategy or budget needs to get on board, and soon. If you stand any kind of chance of surviving in the end, when newer and more tech-savvy businesses open around you, video has to become part of your marketing strategy. Consumers prefer to watch than read. Their attention span is about one-third what it used to be, so your marketing strategy has to change to adapt to the changing times.